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James Leather Splitter
For several years we tried to find a good, reasonably priced leather tool for splitting leather hides to offer our customers...with no success.  So we decided to design our own. This leather tool is constructed with the same high quality materials as our hugely successful leather cutter.
          Special Features:
  • Rugged durable construction
  • Precision hand crafted by skilled machinest
  • Will endure generations of continuous use
  • Uses inexpensive disposable razor sharp blades
  • Excellent cutting performance
  • No metal in contact with hide...keeps leather pieces clean
  • Adjustment knob allows very thin settings
  • Fast opening handles allows easy string placement
  • Can be table or bench mounted
  • Portable or permanent mounted to match user needs
  • Use either right or left handed
  • Best value for the price in the market we have found
  • 100% satisfaction or your money back
Specs:  manufactured from aluminum, steel and polycarbonate, knurled fine adjustor knob, quick opening handles, holes in base for permanent mounting
Dimensions:  width: 9 inches, height: 5-1/2 inches, depth:  8 inches, weight: 6.5 pounds
Each Splitter comes with an Allen wrench for changing blades and detailed instructions on the use of the tool.
Please Note:  This tool is not recommended for "skiving" wide strips of leather.  It will handle widths one inch wide or narrower, regardless of thickness.  For skiving wide leathers, we suggest you purchase a Skiver tool.
Order yours today!
Note:   see Splitter demonstration    Click here 

Did you know?
You really cannot produce magnificent braiding leather masterpieces without quality leather tools that allow you to cut a whole leather hide into leather straps, leather laces, or leather strings precisely every time!
Splitter Tool.....................
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please remember to order Splitter blades too
Splitter Blades - hd 5
Heavy duty 5 inch "stripper" blades
5 pack 
C.S. Osborne Splitter model 86 (used)
One of the best original splitters ever made.  Good working condition...blade needs resharpening
FREE shipping and handling!

C.S. Osborne Splitter

C.S.Osborne Splitter model 86